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Sentinel™ AOR next-generation Area of Refuge solution takes occupant safety to a new level

Critical Lifeline Features Unrivaled 2-Way VOIP Voice Quality
Ongoing 2-Way Communication with Occupant/Caller Facilitates Rescue
Monitor Calls In-Building or Offsite (Including 911 Center) for Rapid Response
Reliably Communicate Directly with Fire and 1st Responders

Redefining Occupant Safety

  • Optimize safety of building occupants with unprecedented VOIP 2-Way voice quality
  • Interoperability improves operational efficiency
  • Campus expandable
  • Remote monitoring, maintenance & upgrades deliver 24/7/365 reliability while minimizing lifetime operating costs
  • Rapidly accommodates new code requirements
  • Live technical support facilitates quoting, specifying, installation & troubleshooting

Cornell’s Sentinel™ family of Area of Refuge (AOR) systems helps you match the right solution to your building’s specific needs, budget and operational goals. Our entire platform is meant to support easy upgradability to meet your evolving Area of Refuge requirements.

SentinelTM AOR(Next Gen Future-Safe AOR)

Cornell’s newest multi-story Area of Refuge solution elevates occupant safety to more than just a code requirement with unprecedented 2-way VoIP voice quality, campus expandability, remote monitoring and management, interoperability and intuitive web interface for programming.

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SentinelTM 4800 IP(2-Way Voice)

This industry standard for 2-way VoIP communication, is an economical solution for small or large multi-story buildings. Supports up to 500 call stations and 2 master panels. When combined with appropriate Cornell ARA signage, meets ADA, IBC, NFPA regulations in all 50 states.

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SentinelTM Visual 4200(Analog)

The 4200 Series Analog emergency communication system is sized from 4 to 20 zones with 1 control panel. It provides voice communication to the call stations from the master panel and pre-recorded voice messages only to the 911 center.

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