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inform Mobile Nurse Call App System

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Elevate Your Nurse Call System Beyond Just Pendants, Lights & Pagers

Cornell’s information system features two-way communications, complete mobile functionality, easy to use interface, and comprehensive resident tracking & reporting. Our award-winning mobile nurse call platform is leading the industry in resident care and staff management technology. Inform is designed to monitor staff & residents, delivering measurable results improving revenue, and reducing expenses; all while minimizing the need for noisy alarms through an integrated emergency light system.

Get a quote on a mobile nurse call system, custom-designed to fit your facility size and needs.


Benefits of Cornell’s inform Call App System:

  • Timely staff communication of resident needs
  • Eliminates noisy Alarm Disruptions
  • Easy to use mobile interface
  • Real-time Data Tracking and Reporting

inform Mobile Call System

  • Easy-to-use Mobile Interface
  • Eliminate Alarm Disruptions
  • Improve Staff Response Time
  • Real-time Data Tracking

inform Integrated App Design

Thanks to an easy-to-use interface, staff members can quickly address and identify calls from anywhere in their facility in just a few easy steps.

  1. The patient in emergency room 101 places a call from their pendant. Amy can take the call by pressing the "Take" button.
  2. Amy can see the pendant call from exam room 100 was taken by a staff member named Eric.
  3. Richard, an on-staff doctor, is currently working with a patient in operating room 200. He touches the “Complete” button when he is done.
  4. Amy enters the reason for the call: bathroom, fall, or other reasons. Data is collected for management review.

The inform app gives staff and management essential information at a moment's notice. inform shows:

  • Who placed the call
  • When the call was placed
  • Where the resident placed the call is located
  • What type of call station was used
  • Why the call was placed
  • Which staff member responded to the call
  • How long it took the staff to respond to and complete the call
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System Operation


  • Notifies staff which residents need assistance immediately
  • Indicates the location of mobile residents in or out of their room
  • Identifies which staff member took each call and how quickly
  • Tabulates both the travel time and the time spent with each resident
  • Documents the reason for each call (bathroom, food, fall, etc)


  • Provides a tabulation of the residents' level of need
  • Guides staff assignments backed by resident activity data
  • Provides proof to families of the level of service provided as well as any changing service requirements


  • Reduces response times, increasing the satisfaction of residents and their families
  • Eliminates noisy alarms for a quieter environment

Talk or Text Communication

  • Simplifies staff communications with optional talk & text choices


  • Integrates with your current nurse call system including wandering, bed and chair alarm systems
  • Identifies and locates residents calling from mobile pendants or chair alarms
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System Performance and Future Enhancements

Extendable and scalable, it addresses HIPAA compliance and includes a software assurance program that provides updates at no additional charge. inform nurse call integrates to other applications including  EHR Electronic Health Record Systems. The system can be sized from small to large care centers.

Need custom emergency communication? We can meet your needs. Get in touch with a Cornell representative to build your new mobile nurse call system to your specifications, or integrate informs’ mobile communication into your existing call system.

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Mobile Nurse Call App System Installation and Warranty

Our employees and National installation contractors provide call system installation services to ensure all components are installed properly and function correctly.

Cornell's 10 Year Warranty demonstrates our 50-year commitment to providing the quality service you deserve.

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inform Wireless Nurse Call System Brochure


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Benefits of Cornell’s inform Call System:

A Modern Replacement for former DukaneGreatCall, or 3M nurse call systems. Contact us for more information.

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